Till We Meet Again

Saturday, November 24, 2012

How would you say goodbye to someone, when all you ever wanted was for him to stay forever? But situations doesn't allow you to be together. How would you react if he told you he's happy being with you but there's nothing he can't do to be with you? How painful it is that you are together but time doesn't allow both of you to spend a lifetime. So many questions to be ask,but only one answer to that questions. You can't be together because reality doesn't allow you to be together for a certain reasons. You just met along the way for a purpose. Maybe to teach each other how to live your life. Maybe for both of you to realized the importance of the people whom you already had before meeting each other. Maybe your together now to explore, learn and experience things together to share it with your future. But if the feelings are true, maybe in time fate will make it's own way for you to be together and spend lifetime with each other. Those were the answers to the questions,but I know in time there's a deeper answers to be revealed in front of us.But am glad meeting you during my times of grief over a love that lost. Showing me again the beauty of love and joy after the pain. We may not end up together but I'm so thankful for sharing your journey with me. Till we meet again....


Davao Escapades

One of the best trip I had for 2012.This was a nice place to visit, and unwind from th busy schedules and stress I have back in Manila. It was a pleasant surprise for me because this travel was really out of my schedule and of course budget. Was planning to be here sometime of august but as they say, most of the things comes unexpectedly. The place was really lovely and romantic, you will see lots of people (foreigners) in love doing different craft. The best thing about this travel is to be with someone closest to your heart and spend the trip exploring the place both strangers to you. Completing your meal in a day(forgot my diets) always riding a cab, people talking to you with their language and you just stare at them, like a baby, coz you really don't know what they are saying,exploring the malls (as if there were none in Manila).Busy streets and busy people.People are awesome, they always greet you even if they don't really know you.The place is also awesome. Highlights of the trip is to be with someone who shows you how important you are to him..How he held your hands and you felt so much cared.The same feelings I felt 3 years ago when I traveled in Bohol with someone special also. Thanks for spending your vacation with me. Looking forward to many trips with you..



Sunday, June 3, 2012

Have you ever wanted to ask questions,but you didn't because you knew your heart wouldn't be able to handle the answers? And sometimes people decide to be just friends even their feelings are mutual. Not because love is hard, but commitment complicates everything.


I don't understand our relationship. Sometimes were friends. Sometimes were more than friends.Other times I'm just a stranger to you.


Good Luck

May the road rise to meet you.. May the wind be always at your back May the warmth rays of sun fall upon your home And may the hand of a friend always be near.


Animal by Stephanie Wilda

Sunday, September 25, 2011

the poor thing...it howls
audible pain
it thrashes around
trying to regain its feet

but it is broken
but a shadow of what it once was
painting all around it red with
its own impending doom
I don't know how it still lives
Tears burn my eyes as I realize
I will have to end it's misery
because it howls too loud
and tries too hard
and hurts too much
as it dies in my chest
with every thought of you



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